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Takara Nicole has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and business management. She is known best for her ability to help others to reach their potential, her premier business management knowledge, and her in-depth knowledge of healthy hair. Takara is the owner of The Healthy Hair Studio and Restored Crown Collection.

Also, the CEO of Transform Now Coaching and Consulting Services, and Restored Crown Hair and Restoration Clinic. She is a Licensed Master Cosmetologist,Triple Certified Trichologist Certified Life Coach, Certified Healthcare Instructor,Certified Holistic Practitioner, National Provider for Tricare providing cranial prothesis and a Scalp Care Practitioner.

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She has been a business owner for over 10 years and her expertise is sought out among many other professions not just in the beauty industry. She has the unique ability to challenge others to dig deeper and arise to reach their full potential. Takara has a mindset of never stop learning and always pushing herself to accomplish anything she puts her mind to do.


Her coaching, consulting, and mentorship is sought out by numerous people and organizations that prompted her to establish Transform Now Business and Consulting Services which offers business coaching, life coaching, consulting, financial literacy, management, marketing, training, and administration.Takara believes that life doesn't happen by happenstance, but rather our ability to push ourselves beyond our limits and our ability to make ideas a reality. Let's connect!

Then the LORD answered me and said, “Write down the vision And inscribe it clearly on tablets, So that one who reads it may run. Habakkuk 2:2

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