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Coach Takara presents

Bosses Retreat 2024

Reset, Realign, and Refocus.

Some of us simply have no idea where to begin and keep putting it off because there is no guidance and instruction. I am tired of being stuck in my current position.
2024 will be my year to give what it takes to
achieve my goals!


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The Bosses Retreat was designed for entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders. 

For only $450 you can reserve your spot today and make payments over time. 

Is This You?

I start and stop projects to the point of never completing what I started all year

I feel like I need guidance from a coach to plan out a schedule for me in order to stay on track

I feel discouraged when I plan things and things don't go my way

I allow fear to drive my decisions to not move forward with my endeavors & desires. 

I have life events that have emotionally kept me from prospering 

What You'll Get.

Exclusive Access. Executive Planning. Crush Goals.

Execute one assignment per month led by Coach Takara and submit via Google classroom.

Meet my special guests that are successful and have proven strategies to apply to your life.

We'll be going live to discuss your assignments, live situations, progress updates, accomplishments & more.

Receive weekly motivation and 30% discount on all courses & classes

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