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Takara Nicole
Takara Nicole

"I help individuals and organizations create 90-day plans of execution".

 Transformative Coaching for Business and Life Success

Our strategic plans are tailored to provide clear direction, actionable steps, and measurable goals, enabling you to achieve success and progress steadily toward your objectives."

Do you feel stuck in you life and business? 

Are you feeling stuck , feeling like you're not achieving success, or producing results? As a business coach I help you discover the hidden opportunities within your life/ business and create a roadmap to success. I assist you breaking free from feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Through a personalized approach, I will assess your unique situation, identify areas of growth, and provide you with the right tools and strategies to help you reach your goals and find fulfillment in your current roles. 

Takara Nicole
Takara Nicole

Meet Takara


With over two decades of profound expertise in ministry, leadership training , non-profits, beauty industry, and business management, Takara Nicole is a seasoned professional recognized for her exceptional ability to empower individuals to reach their full potential and her wealth of knowledge extends to business management, project management , leadership training , and leadership coaching.


Takara firmly subscribes to the belief that success is not a result of mere happenstance but, rather, a consequence of pushing beyond personal limits and transforming ideas into reality. Let's connect and embark on a journey of profound growth and achievement.

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Takara Nicole - Free Guide

STOP Missing The Mark

Missing the mark in goal setting can create a sense of uncertainty about the future and the direction one's life is heading. It may lead to feelings of regret or remorse over missed opportunities or time invested in pursuing the goal.

Grab this guide to setting result- driven goals.

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