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Meet The CEO

Meet The CEO

Takara Nicole


Takara Nicole

You need to be disciplined enough to create and stick to your plan, but flexible enough to know when it's time to pivot.

- Coach Takara Nicole

Takara Harris, who goes by the name Takara Nicole is originally from Aberdeen, MD, but currently resides in Savannah, GA. Takara is the mother of two amazingly gifted children Joy and Jayden Harris. She is a woman that wears many hats, but first and foremost she is a child of God. She has been in ministry her entire life and has used her gifts both in church and the marketplace.

With over two decades of profound expertise in ministry,  leadership training , non-profits, beauty industry, and business management, Takara Nicole is a seasoned professional recognized for her exceptional ability to empower individuals to reach their full potential and her wealth of knowledge extends to business management, project management , leadership training , and leadership coaching

Takara stands as the owner of The Healthy Hair Studio,simultaneously, she holds the title of Director at Transform Now Coaching and Consulting Services, CEO of Restored Crown Hair Restoration Clinic. She is the leader of Life at The Well Ministries, which is a community that empowers others to be well in their mind, body, and spirit. Her impressive array of qualifications includes being a Licensed Master Cosmetologist, a Triple Certified Trichologist, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Healthcare Instructor, and a Certified Holistic Practitioner. She also serves as a National Provider for Tricare and the VA specializing in cranial prosthesis and scalp care.

Takara's expertise is sought after by diverse professions, transcending the beauty industry. She possesses a unique ability to motivate individuals to dig deeper and rise to their full potential. Her personal mantra revolves around a commitment to lifelong learning and an unwavering dedication to accomplishing any goal she sets her mind to.

Takara firmly subscribes to the belief that success is not a result of mere happenstance but, rather, a consequence of pushing beyond personal limits and transforming ideas into reality. Let's connect and embark on a journey of profound growth and achievement.

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