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Reset, Realign, and Refocus.

Reset, Realign, and Refocus.

March 7-10, 2024 in Orlando ,Florida 

There is a welcome reception on March 7, 2024 at 7pm

Let’s be real sometimes in business it can be frustrating trying to navigate a new normal and we aren’t sure about what the next and best move for our life and business. We sometimes talk to ourselves and try to figure it out, but we are still struggling to move past our STUCK moment. Some of us simply have no idea where to begin and keep putting it off because there is no guidance and instruction. 

Reset, Realign, and Refocus.

As a creative, entrepreneur, community leader we often struggle and need help in….


  • Goal setting 

  • Branding and marketing 

  • Letting go of trauma 

  • Properly building a team

  • Burnout and exhaustion 

  • How to tell your story

  • 60 second elevator pitch

  • Planning your four quarters

  • Creating a 90-day plan 

  • Executing goals

  • Social media vs real life

  • Money management and funding 

  • Content the converts

  • Self – awareness

  • Find your tribe 


Meet Your Host: Coach Takara Nicole

Coach Takara Nicole

Meet Your Coaches and Mentors

Antwain Jackson

Antwain Jackson

Antwain Jackson is a creative voice in the church and an innovative leader gaining the respect of business owners and corporate executives. He has the ability to take complex principles and teach them in such a way that inspires individuals to apply them to every sphere of their lives. An affirmer that meets you with a bright smile and tough love, he seeks to pull out all of the potential, gifts & talents in others. He is known to be cutting edge, yet down-to-earth, and encourages each person he encounters.

Paul Preech Garrett

He is a Certified Leadership coach, critical thinker, and trainer. Paul has a heart for people and desires to see every person he comes into contact with live their life to its full potential. Whether it’s through one-on-one personal development or inspiring a crowd of thousands, Paul Garrett wants to lead you past your line of resistance to Be & Do with Confidence!

Paul Preech Garrett
Shanntell Hamilton

Shanntell Hamilton

We would like to welcome Shanntell Hamilton she is the founder of Diamonds of the Rough 360 Therapy ( I love the name). Diamonds of the rough 360 therapy is a practice committed to your mental health homeostasis.
Diamonds 360 therapy is different in how we look at you as a client. I strive to bread an atmosphere to reach your authentic self, where you are comfortable and balanced in all areas of your life. I encourage you to embrace this journey and embark on healing. Let your Diamond shine bright!

Candace Hill

Candace has been a Credit Repair Professional for eight years and has grown her clientele exclusively through Social Media and Word of Mouth. With many years of experience on social media, she discovered a unique perspective on how to expose your value to help others through social media.

Candace currently serves as a Social Media Marketing Strategist; teaching others how to use the power of social media to grow their clientele and maximize their income. This role afforded her the opportunity to earn an additional income and become a highly paid SIX-FIGURE EARNER on social media.

Candace Hill
O'Shay Lolley

O'Shay Lolley

Celebrity Chef & Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Contestant

It’s time to refocus, reset, and realign ourselves to achieve success in our business. We are bringing some major game changers in the creative space to come and pour into you for 3 full days. We will have down time for rest and relaxation, entertainment, and networking.  

We have limited amount of space in the house, so those spaces are reserved for VIP and will be a first come first serve basis.


What will you gain: 

90 days of business strategy and content

All things socials media/ content that converts

Maintaining a work life balance

Setting and meeting financial goals


The VIP guest will receive one on one coaching tailored to fit the client.

There is a nonrefundable $250 deposit, and the rest is due 3 weeks before the event.

In-house financing, After pay, Cherry and Sezzle is available.



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