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Terms and Conditions

Takara Nicole Enterprises Inc.  Terms and Conditions


Thank you for agreeing to attend the Bosses Retreat with the Takara Nicole Enterprises Inc (“TNE” hereafter). These Terms & Conditions govern the contractual relationship between you (the “Attendee”) and TNE (the “Service Provider”). When the attendee agrees to attend the retreat with TNE, they acknowledge they have read, understand, and agree to be

bound by these Terms & Conditions. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the attendee and TNE, with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersede all prior agreements, representations, and understandings of the parties, written or oral.


A booking is confirmed, and these Terms will apply when TNE has received the deposit from the attendee and the attendee has received written confirmation from TNE of such booking. At the time of booking, the attendee confirms that they are 18 years of age or over, and agrees to provide full, complete, and accurate information as requested by TNE to confirm such booking. TNE reserves the right to decline any booking, at its sole discretion.


We offer two payment options:

1. Full payment

2. Auto Payments plans

3. Buy now, pay later options 

Auto Payment Plan​

If you opt into the auto payment plan you will receive an email notification 3 days before the payment will be charged.

​If your payment fails on the payment date, you will receive an email about payment failure and instructions on how to update the payment method.​ If the installment is still not paid by the next due date it will be lumped together with the next installment.


Payment Guidelines

1. All payments must be made in full no later than 30 days before the commencement of the trip.

Bookings made less than 30 days prior to departure require full payment at the time of purchase.

No deposit or payment plans will be offered at that time.

2. All payments must be made promptly when due, failure to do so, will be processed as a

cancellation. TNE will contact the attendee to resolve the issue before it escalates to a

cancellation. If payment has not been submitted by the following payment due date, TNE

reserves the right to cancel the attendee booking and & retain all paid funds.

4. Payment Disputes: Attendee agrees to not file a payment dispute or chargeback through their bank/financial institution in the event that the attendee can no longer attend trip. In the event the chargeback is requested and/or processed, the attendee agrees to repay TNE for the full amount and be responsible for any fees incurred in recouping payment, including attorney’s fees.


5. Cancellation & Refund Policy


• Deposit fees are non-refundable

• Cancellations before December 1st - 50% refund (excluding deposit)

• Cancellation on and after December 1st - All monies paid will be forfeited.

All cancellation requests must be submitted by written notification and sent to Subject should state “Full Name

Cancellation Request”.



While every effort is made to keep to the final itinerary, TNE reserves the right to make

changes/amendments for the attendee convenience e.g., in some cases, extreme weather, sickness, mechanical breakdown, cancellations or unforeseeable circumstances which

are beyond the reasonable control. The attendee acknowledges that booking a trip with TNE, requires considerable flexibility and permits reasonable alterations. TNE will communicate such amendments and modifications as they arise.


The attendee is responsible for purchasing their airline ticket to the host city. 


Grounds for Ejection

Conduct. TNE priority is to maintain a safe, enjoyable experience for all participants. CTC’s reserves the right to remove and/or exclude any attendee from the scheduled activities in the event that attendee’s behavior is deemed dangerous or poses a danger to others. Other grounds for trip ejection include intentionally damaging or defacing property, fighting, usage of abusive language, inappropriate and/or disrespectful treatment of TNE’S staff, fellow attendees, vendors, tour guides, and/or locals within the destination. Ejection will be at the attendee’s expense and does not entitle the attendee to any refund.


Alcohol Consumption. Attendee agrees to engage in the consumption of alcohol in a reasonable manner and not to the point of becoming belligerent, violent, or detriment to self, others, property, and/or the overall trip experience.

Illegal Activity. Traveler agrees to abide by the destination’s local, state, and federal laws and will refrain from engaging in any criminal activity, including but not limited to the possession, purchase, and consumption of illicit substances. Engaging in such behaviors will be considered as grounds for ejection.

In the event that an attendee is incarcerated in the destination country, TNE is under no obligation to provide bail or otherwise. TNE will make reasonable attempts to notify the emergency contact provided by the attendee.

Photo & Video Release

The attendee grants TNE and its representatives the right to use photographs and video testimony given by the attendee during the trip. The attendee authorizes TNE and its transferees to copyright, use and publish photo/videos in print and/or electronically to be used for purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content. The TNE understands that TNE  will not disclose names online or in printed media without additional expressed written consent from the attendee.


Entire Contract

The Terms & Conditions constitute the entire terms of the relationship between the parties (Attendee & TNE). There exist no other terms, conditions, warranties, representations, guarantees, promises, undertaking or inducements of any nature whatsoever (whether verbal, written, or electronic) regulating the relationship and the Attendee acknowledge that he/she has not relied on any matter or thing stated on behalf of TNE or otherwise that is not included herein.

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